American Dad: Volume 7 – Uncensored

From the twisted but brilliant mind of Seth MacFarlane (the man behind Family Guy) is another animated series about a quirky but lovable family. MacFarlane is helped out by Matt Weitzman and Mike Baker on the series featuring the Smith family. The Smiths are Stan (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), a right wing CIA agent, his wife Francine (voiced by Wendy Schaal), his teenage daughter Hayley (voiced by Rachael MacFarlane), his teenage son Steve (voiced by Scott Grimes), a bulbous headed alien named Roger (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), and the family German-speaking goldfish, Klaus (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker).

Keep your ears open for special guest voices by Lisa Edelstein (House), Martin Mull (Roseanne), Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy), Swoosie Kurtz (Dangerous Liaisons), Hayden Panettierre (Heroes), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moor Show), J.B. Smoove (We Bought a Zoo), and Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba).

Episode 1: 100 A.D.: The 100th episode. Hayley and Jeff (voiced by Jeff Fischer) decide to elope sending Stan into a fury.

Episode 2: Son of Stan: After Francine wins the right to raise Steve as she sees fit Stan has his son cloned so he can get in on the action as well.

Episode 3: The Little Horror House in Langley Falls: Stan is proud of the fact that he has had the scariest horror house on the block eight years running. It seems like his streak might be coming to an end, though.

Episode 4: Stan’s Food Restaurant: Tired of Stan’s being hypercritical of every restaurant they go to, Francine encourages Stan to open his own restaurant.

Episode 5: White Rice: France remembers that she used to be a stand-up comedian and she starts doing it again and is a hit.

Episode 6: There Will be Bad Blood: Stan who usually invites his half-brother Rusty (voiced by Lou Diamond Phillips), who is Cherokee, and his family over for Thanksgiving dinner decides to go to Rusty’s this year.

Episode 7: The People vs. Martin Sugar: Stan puts himself back in the jury duty pool and is excited when he’s called to work on a case.

Episode 8: For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls: The Smiths are a little uptight after Steve accidentally kills the real Santa.

Episode 9: Fartbreak Hotel: The Smiths have to stay in a hotel for a week after Roger eats okra and has a severe gas attack.

Episode 10: Stanny-Boy and Frantastic: Stan and Francine make new friends and are very excited…that is until they discover the other couple is much younger than they are.

Episode 11: A Pinata Named Desire: In order to make him a better CIA agent, Stan takes acting lessons from Roger.

Episode 12: You Debt Your Life: Stan asks Roger to move out after he saves his life and is no longer in life debt to Roger.

Episode 13: I am the Walrus: When Steve finishes his dinner before Stan, Stan interprets it as Steve trying to take over as the leader of the family.

Episode 14: School Lies: Stan’s boss (voiced Patrick Stewart) tells him that to get ahead in work he has to choose work over his family.

Episode 15: License to Till: Klaus and Roger make a $1 bet that Roger cannot make Steve cool.

Episode 16: Jenny Frömdabloc: To ease Snot’s (voiced by Curtis Armstrong) pain of being rejected by Hayler, Steve asks Roger to dress up like a girl only Roger goes too far, as usual.

Episode 17: Home Wrecker: Their marriage is in tatters when Stan and Francine decide to renovate the kitchen.

Episode 18: Flirting with Disaster: Steve and Roger become partners in a bird house making company, but the partners are exactly seeing eye to eye on how to run it.

Episode 19: Gorillas in the Mist: Steve shows Stan that it is alright for them to share laughs and be buddy buddy. Francine doesn’t approve.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, I<3 Patrick Stewart, American Dad! At Comic Con 2010

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