The All-American Rejects – Kids in the Street

Since the late 90s this American alt-rock band has been consistently churning out solid albums filled with good tracks. Kids in the Street is their fourth album and on it they worked with producer Greg Wells, who is known and respected for his work with acts like Adele, Katy Perry and OneRepublic. All hit makers. Made me wonder if The All-American Rejects were trying to move more albums and singles. It certainly is an album which features a change in sound for the band and for long time fans they have to be open to that change or there’s gonna be some hard feelings. Music development is never a bad idea for a band or they can become stagnant. It is unfortunate that the band did take a risk and try something new that didn’t end up working out for them. It seems as if the band was going for an 80s inspired heavy on the synthesizers sound. Which in itself is not bad as I love me some 80s music but in the end it doesn’t work for this particular band. There are scant few catchy hooks (a hallmark of their previous music) to be found and despite the uptempo beats most of the lyrics are downers dealing with love and loss. Another too bad moment occurred for me when I read the lyrics. Though they might have matured musicwise over the course of their career, lyrically they have remained quite stagnant.  The band is experiencing some growing pains and here’s to hoping that they find their way soon.

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