Predator/Predator 2 – Blu-ray Edition


Almost thirty years later and the John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October) and Arnold Schwarzenegger action/science fiction film has held up pretty well all things considering.

An elite troop of U.S. Army commandos, led by Major Dutch Schaeffer(Arnold Schwarzenegger – Twins, Junior), are in the jungles of South America searching for officials who have been kidnapped by terrorists.  They do not find the men they are looking for, but a bunch of skinned corpses hanging from the trees.  The enemy they are facing has now become that much more dangerous.  One by one the men in Schaeffer’s troop are picked off by this deadly, unseen enemy.  Soon it becomes Schaeffer versus a heavily armed and armored alien creature that is able to render itself invisible.

Between the gore and the steamy setting of the Mexican jungles, director McTiernan shows himself able to set up good action films.  The action is fast and furious and he does not preoccupy himself too much with story.  The characters are completely two dimensional, but that matters none as they carry big guns and kick ass.  Like many Schwarzenegger films the dialogue is often quite cheesy and as a result humourous.  Despite the aforementioned 20 years the Predator creature is still creepy and the special effects are still decent.

Special Features:

-Theatrical trailer

-D-Box Station

Predator 2:

The original Predator film kinda came out of nowhere to become a success. People loved it. Now, of course, Hollywood tried to cash in on that success by filming a sequel. It was always going to be hard to live up to those kinds of expectations. And while this film is nowhere near as good it is still a decent watch.

In the city of Los Angeles recently some evil drug lords have been killed off in gruesome fashion. And while the cops are on one hand happy they don’t have to deal with them, they are also wondering who is behind the murders.

Lieutenant Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover – The Colour Purple, Saw V) is in the drug division and has been battling these drug lords for years. When these murders start, despite the fact that his superiors tell him to stay away, Harrigan knows something is up. He hunch proves to be right when he discovers that Predator (Kevin Peter Hall – Big Top Pee-wee, Predator) is behind the murders. Predator is an alien that has a hobby of making keepsakes out of human skulls. Harrigan sets out to try and capture Predator, but that is difficult because it is able to become invisible at will.

They have taken it up a notch in the second Predator film in that the alien human-hunter has new kinds of weaponry and that leads to some great action scenes through the streets of L.A. If you were a fan of the Predator (as opposed to Arnold Schwarzenegger) then you’ll dig this one more as it is definitely the star of the second film. We go deeper into what the Predator is and why it does what it does. It loves to hunt and does its killing for the sport. It attacks only those it sees as a threat.

There is plenty of gore in this film with humans getting squished like bugs. It is also fast-paced and a treat for the eyes. If you are fan of action films and Predator films then this should please you.

Special Features:
-The Hunters and the Hunted
-Something on the Roof
-Enemy in the Alley
-Subway Showdown
-Gauntlet Knives
-Self Destruct
-Plasma Cannon
-Net Launcher
-Smart Weapon
-Telescoping Spear
-Jungle Revised
-Much Worse
-Thrill of the Hunt
-The Predator Goes to Town
-International Featurette
-Creating the Ultimate Hunter
-Hard Core Special Report: City at War
-Hard Core from Penthouse to Slaughterhouse: A Special Report in Town
-Still Galleries

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