The Transporter/The Transporter 2 – Blu-ray Edition

The Transporter:

Director: Cory Yuen

Sometimes a movie is more about style rather than substance and the film The Transporter has style to burn. The whole movie from fight sequences to wardrobe oozes slickness. Jason Statham is perfect for this ‘too cool’ character; he has the acting ability and look to pull it off. I do not think the director Cory Yuen (has worked on X-Men and The One) even cares whether we actually believe what is happening on the screen. He just wants a barebones script, written by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element and La Femme Nikita) and Robert Mark Kamen (A Walk in the Clouds and Lethal Weapon 3), which will allow him to produce the fight sequences he desires. The release of the DVD is being timed to coincide with the release of The Transporter 2. If you are a fan of kick butt action films then watch the DVD before catching the sequel in the theatres.

Frank Martin (Jason Statham – The Italian Job and Collateral) is an ex-Special Forces agent who has ‘retired’ to France along the Mediterranean. Instead of quietly enjoying his retirement, Martin hires himself out as a transporter of any type of cargo – animal or mineral. He is very successful and has a great reputation as a transporter who is always on time and does not ask any questions. Martin follows his own set of very strict rules, which include never opening the package he is transporting (rule number 2). While in the middle of a job for a client he knows only as Wall Street (Matt Schulze – Blade and The Fast and the Furious), Martin stops at a gas station to get something to drink when he notices that his package is moving. After driving a bit further Martin stops the car and opens his trunk to check the package. It turns out to be a young Asian woman. She is very frightened so Martin gives her something to drink and continues on his way. Martin stops again to let the woman go to the bathroom and she tries to escape. After recapturing her, Martin finally manages to deliver her to Wall Street.

Wall Street asks Martin if he would like to do another job for him and guarantees it is a simple one. Martin agrees, collects his fee and takes the package. After driving a bit Martin stops in a diner to eat and as he is returning to his car it blows up. Martin realizes that Wall Street tried to kill him. He returns to Wall Street’s mansion, kills all his henchmen and steals one of his cars. After a bit Martin realizes that the young Asian woman has hidden away in the car he has stolen. He brings her to his house. Her name is Lai Kwan (Qi Shu – has starred in many Chinese films) and she stays with Martin figuring she is safer with him. Inspector Tarconi (François Berléand – The Transporter 2 and Les Choristes) arrives at Martin’s home. He is quite suspicious and asks many questions. Martin and Lai come up with a story. Tarconi leaves, but is not quite satisfied. Wall Street’s men attack Martin’s house with missiles, but he and Lai manage to escape. Martin tells Lai that she has a new chance at life because Wall Street thinks they are dead. Lai tells him she cannot stop because she is looking for a container that has 400 people in it including her family. Martin has a decision to make. He can return to his life as a transporter or risk his life to help Lai.

Special Features:
-Featurettes:  Behind the Scenes….The Transporter,
Making of The Transporter Original Version
-Storyboard-to-Film Comparison: Side-by-Side Comparison,
Storyboard, Final Edit
-Extended fight sequences
-Trailers: The Transporter original theatrical trailer, Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, If you liked this movie you may want to try….Kiss of the Dragon, Fight Club, Daredevil: Director’s Cut, Man on Fire, Behind Enemy Lines, Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior

The Transporter 2:

Director:  Louis Laterrier

Frank Martin (Jason Statham – The Italian Job, The Transporter) is an ex-special forces operative who is now known as ‘The Transporter’. He is taking a break from his chosen profession of moving dangerous goods with no questions asked. Martin now earns his money driving young Jack Billings (Hunter Clary – first feature film), the son of wealthy U.S. official Jeff Billings (Matthew Modine – Memphis Belle, Married to the Mob) and Audrey Billings (Amber Valletta – Hitch, Raising Helen). When Jack is kidnapped by Gianni (Alessandro Gassman – A Month By The Lake) and Lola (Kate Nauta – first film), Jeff and the authorities think that Martin had something to do with it. Martin has to use his special forces training along with the help of his visiting friend, Tarconi (Francois Berleand – Les Choristes, Stardom), who is a police detective from France, to stay ahead of the police and to try and save the boy.

If you have seen the first Transporter movie then you know what you are in for. The film is chock full of car chases and martial arts style fighting. Jason Statham as Frank Martin is cooler than cool and is able to kick the ass of anyone anywhere. Like the first film, the plot is a little thin and the dialogue is a bit stilted, but I did not really care while watching it. I am sure there were some complaints about the believability of the script, but this is not ‘The Bourne Identity’; in this film the plot is just a means to show chase/fight scenes. It is not a thriller, but an action film and we do have to suspend belief if we want to enjoy the film. Part of the fun of the film is how crazy the stunts get and how improbable the plot twists are. I love Jason Statham as this character and director Louis Leterrier (The Transporter) keeps the action coming at a high pace.

Special Features:
-Deleted and extended scenes
-Blooper reel
-“Making of Transporter 2”
-“Making of the music”

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