Wonderful stories about the bond between man and animal. In this case it is the bond between three different teenage girls who are a little lost in life and a wild black mustang. All are coming-of-age stories that the entire family will enjoy. Touching, emotional and occasionally funny there’s nothing not to like here.

Flicka directed by Michael Mayer:

Sixteen-year-old Katy McLaughlin (played by Alison Lohman) is a stubborn young lady who is intelligent, but has trouble concentrating on her school work. What she would rather be doing than writing her final essay is being home on her family’s ranch riding horses. She is going home for the school year knowing that she will have to tell her strict father Rob (played by Tim McGraw) that she is going to have to repeat her year at boarding school.

The McLaughlins have been horse ranchers for generations. They own a large ranch of hundreds of acres in Wyoming. Times are tough for horse ranchers, especially for this family as they raise only quarter horses. In order to pay for Katy’s schooling they have had to go without. This makes the news that she is going to tell them even more disappointing.

Daughter and father argue about the news and almost everything else. Katy is really upset when she finds out her father is thinking of selling a large chunk of the family’s land. Out on a ride trying to cool off one day she comes across a magnificent black female mustang. The mustang is the most wild horse any of the ranchers have ever seen. Figuring if she brings the mustang, who she names Flicka, home and trains her, Katy’s father will finally believe that his daughter is the right person to take over the struggling ranch.

Due to her stubbornness, while trying to do the right thing, Katy puts herself and the special horse in danger.

Flicka 2 directed by Michael Damian:

Carrie (played by Tammin Sursok) is a skateboard riding city girl who lives with her grandmother (played by Christina Jastrzembska) in Pittsburgh. When her grandmother begins showing signs of dementia, Child Services steps in. Carrie is about to be taken into foster care when her grandmother says that she can go live with her father in Wyoming.

Hank McLaughlin (played by Patrick Warburton) lives on a horse ranch in Wyoming. He is Carrie’s father. Her mother did not think that life was good for her daughter, so she took Carrie to live in the city. Daughter and father had not seen each other since. Coming from the city environment is a bit of culture shock for Carrie and being a father to a teenage girl is new territory for Hank. The two butt heads early and often.

While walking off after another fight with Hank, Carrie comes across a wild, black mustang. The horse has actually escaped from her father’s ranch. The two are a perfect match as they are both stubborn and free-spirited. Horse and girl bond. Ranch hand Jake (played by Reilly Dolman) teaches the skateboarder how to ride a horse.

Despite Carrie’s love for Flicka, Hank sends the horse away due to his daughter’s disobedience. Carrie will now do whatever is necessary to get her beloved horse back.

Flicka: Country Pride directed by Michael Damian:

Lindy Jenkins’ (played by Lisa Hartman Black) horse boarding farm is struggling. She might have to sell it. Lindy’s husband and show horse training husband died and their talented show horse riding daughter, Kelly (played by Kacey Rohl), has not ridden since.

Helping out her friends the McLaughlins who have been the victims of a fire at their ranch, Lindy agrees to take on one of their hands, Toby (played by Clint Black), in exchange for boarding a couple of his horses. One of those horses is a wild mustang named Flicka. Immediately Kelly and Flicka bond. She begins riding again.

When Kelly’s former best friend, Stephanie (played by Siobhan Williams), quits the ranch’s show horse team and takes the trainer (played by Teryl Rothery) with her. Kelly bravely steps in and forms a new team with her best friend, Briggs (played by Max Lloyd-Jones). They need to win the horse show or it will spell the end for the ranch.

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