Bon Temps, Alabama…who would have guessed that such a small, back neck Southern town would be brimming with such constant activity? But, also, who would have guessed that it would be the hotbed of vampire activity? Besides the vampires (which really is enough), Bon Temps is filled with mystery, secrets and sensuality. All these ingredients go into making this television series one of the hottest ones on television. This is your chance to catch up or rewatch the episodes from season two.

Episode 1: Nothing But the Blood: A female body with its heart torn out is discovered in back of Merlotte’s and the murder has everyone jumpy.

Episode 2: Keep This Party Going: Sookie (played by Anna Paquin) and Bill (played by Stephen Moyer) have to deal with newly created teenage vampire, Jessica (played by Deborah Ann Woll).

Episode 3: Scratches: Sookie lives after she is brutally assaulted and afterwards makes a deal with Eric (played by Alexandre Skarsgard).

Episode 4: Shake and Fingerpop: Bill, Sookie and Jessica travel to Dallas.

Episode 5: Never Let Me Go: Sookie tries to come up with a plan to find the vampire Godric (played by Allan Hyde).

Episode 6: Hard Hearted Hannah: Bill deals with the violent person/vampire he was in the past.

Episode 7: Release Me: Sam (played by Sam Trammell) is betrayed by Daphne (played by Ashley Jones) and that lands him in trouble with Maryann (played by Michelle Forbes).

Episode 8: Timebomb: Unexpectedly, Eric saves Sookie and Sam makes a discovery he wishes he hadn’t.

Episode 9: I Will Rise Up: Bill is unhappy when Eric tricks Sookie.

Episode 10: New World in My View: Sookie, Bill, and Jason (played by Ryan Kwanten) return to find that Maryann has wreaked havoc in Bon Temps.

Episode 11: Frenzy: Bill goes to the vampire Queen of Louisiana (played by Evan Rachel Wood) to get her help to return Bon Temps to normal by ridding it of Maryann.

Episode 12: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’: Sookie, Sam and Bill try to stop Maryann from carrying out her evil plan.

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