Keane – Strangeland

Keane released their last album, Perfect Symmetry, four years ago. It was a departure from the usual piano based intellectual/emotional pop music in that it explored electro pop. Some of their followers were not impressed. Their fans have had to wait a long time for some new music from the boys from England. Britpop has not been the same since. Now they have rewarded our patience with a twelve track album entitled Strangeland that will remind long time fans of the band’s sonic origins. The two best examples of this are the tracks “Disconnected” and “Day Will Come”. Lyrically it is also a return to what we love about the band. The songs are filled with honest emotional lyrics. Along the way the tug at every last heart string. The choruses soar and all but demand sing-alongs. Keane is a band who has never met a hook too big for them to take on. Though much of the album’s songs can be easily identified as Keane songs, this is not a step backwards for the four lads. Every album has been a step forward.  Though they still are a band based on emotional piano songs they have meshed that sound with some of the electro twinges of Perfect Symmetry.  Keane is a band who are always searching, growing, exploring, and looking for their place in the music world. We get to just sit back, listen and enjoy.

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