It is coming up on wedding season and that means it is also the time where most married couples celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Instead of the usual boring gifts my advice (if you can afford it and have the time off) is to take a vacation together. Time spent together is better than any gift and if it spent in a great environment then all the better.  I have some suggestions for you of romantic places you and your spouse can travel to. Some are affordable while others are a little more pricy.  I have also tried to include on the list places for people with different interests.

1) Dominican Republic: If you are looking to celebrate without a big price tag and want the beach then the Dominican Republic is the right place. A Canadian dollar goes a long way in Santo Domingo. There are plenty of resorts to chose from so finding an affordable all-inclusive package is fairly easy. It is not the first beach destination that comes to mind but Santo Domingo gives visitors the opportunity to see the city at their own pace and in your own way. You can either spend you days lounging on the beach or exploring the busy streets of the Dominican’s capital city.

sonoma california2) Sonoma, California: Sonoma is an area that is well-known for busting with Michelin starred restaurants and world-class vineyards. Hotels and resorts cater to all types of treatments for their clients. Everything in the area is designed to help you relax.

3) Positano, Italy: If you are looking for the ultimate in romantic settings then a trip to the Amalfi coast of Italy will fill the bill. Once you have sampled the wine, food and atmosphere in Positano then you will be dreaming of living there permanently. This picturesque hillside village has an old fishing-village culture. The beaches are also a must-see.

4) Queenstown, New Zealand: For those who are not looking to lie about on a beach rather they are looking for a more active vacation then head to Queenstown. The city is set on a lakefront and has everything from skiing and snowboarding (at certain times of the year), horseback riding, hiking and whitewater rafting. If you are looking to finally attempt bungee jumping then this is a very hot destination for that.

5) Las Vegas, Nevada: While in the city of sin you can head over to the Viva Las Vegas Chapel where an Elvis impersonator can perform a renewal of your wedding vows. Or you can keep it simple and head to the drive-thru. Whatever your heart desires you can be sure to make it happen in Las Vegas.

6) Mombasa, Kenya: If you are interesting in anything but ordinary then this city located on the coast of Kenya will give you a unique experience. Bordering the Indian Ocean, Mombasa has a nice mix of African culture and sun and sand. Rich culture and history. Right outside the city you can also take part in one of the many safari tours.

7) Edinburgh, Scotland: Some of the best golf clubs and spas in Scotland are found in and around this city. Both the old and new town have been named Unesco World Heritage sites. There is a large art scene with plenty of galleries and museums.

8) Chiang Mai, Thailand: For something a little out of the ordinary this town offers visitors plenty of opportunity for voluntarism. There are loads of chances to work in orphanages, teach Buddhist monks to speak English and do some building renovations. It has also become a hot spot for people looking to care for elephants. On top of all that the food is delicious, the people are charming, the Thai architecture is amazing, and the Buddhist culture very interesting.

9) Bora Bora, French Polynesia: Sublime and beautiful are two words that can be used to described Bora Bora. Plenty of extravagant luxury to indulge in. It is a popular honeymoon spot amongst the rich and famous so that makes it a natural for an anniversary trip. You can do some world class scuba diving and jet skiing here.

10) Paradise Island, Bahamas: On Paradise Island there is something for everyone. It is a tropical oasis with non-stop beach. You can definitely find a once-in-a-lifetime experience here. Golf courses, spas, a Bacardi distillery. You will go home with plenty of stories and a great tan