The critics loved it and it was nominated for Emmy Awards. High recommendation that. Stand-up comedian Louie C.K. does not disappoint. If you like his stand-up style then you’ll eat this television series up with a spoon. Single dad Louie still struggles to bring up his kids, find love and get his career on a steady path. Keep your eyes open for guest appearances by Chris Rock and Joan Rivers.

Episode 1: Pregnant: One of Louie’s sisters comes for a visit.

Episode 2: Bummer/Blueberries: Two things happen to Louie that he won’t soon forget.

Episode 3: Moving: Louie thinks of moving and starts looking for a new place.

Episode 4: Joan: Louie’s show in Atlantic City does not go as planned.

Episode 5: Country Drive: Louie bundles the kids into the car to go and visit his aunt.

Episode 6: Subway/Pamela: Louie takes the subway and spends time with a friend.

Episode 7: Oh Louie/Tickets: Louie reminisces about past lows in his career and tries to get his daughter concert tickets.

Episode 8: Come on, God: Louie contemplates something he has done for his whole life.

Episode 9: Eddie: Louie gets together with an old friend.

Episode 10: Halloween/Ellie: Louie takes his kids trick or treating and meets a Hollywood bigwig.

Episode 11: Duckling: Louie travels to Afghanistan to do a show.

Episode 12: Niece: Louie’s niece comes for a visit.

Episode 13: New Jersey/Airport: Louie goes through a rough patch.

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