Based on an Australian television show of the same name, Wilfred is basically a story about a grown man who is minding his neighbour’s dog who happens to stand upright and talk. Everyone else sees Wilfred, the dog’s name, as a golden retriever while Ryan (played by Elijah Wood) sees him as an Australian man (played by Jason Gann) in a dog suit. To say this is steeped in the absurd is an understatement. It is definitely up for the award of weirdest show on television. So this is a man’s best friend or buddy show with a twist. A twisted twist.

Episode 1: Happiness: After a failed attempt at suicide, Ryan is asked to watch his next door neighbour’s (played by Fiona Gublemann) dog, Wilfred.

Episode 2: Trust: Ryan and Wilfred really begin bonding as they even begin going to the beach together.

Episode 3: Fear: His neighbour Spencer (played by Ethan Suplee) comes over and Ryan gets in trouble over a wallet.

Episode 4: Acceptance: Ryan tries to get back together with Kristen (played by Dorian Brown) and so he leaves Wilfred at doggy day care.

Episode 5: Respect: Ryan takes Wilfred to a hospice for a volunteer session and Wilfred discovers he has a special ability.

Episode 6: Conscience: Wilfred asks Ryan for his help in a plot to break up Jenna and her boyfriend.

Episode 7: Pride: Both Ryan and Wilfred have love come into their lives.

Episode 8: Anger: Wilfred tries to help Ryan find out what really happened to his boyhood dog that he feels responsible for the death of.

Episode 9: Compassion: Ryan’s mom Catherine (played by Mary Steenburgen) leaves the mental health facility she has been in for the past 20 years and moves in with Ryan.

Episode 10: Isolation: Wilfred begins to worry that Ryan is isolating himself.

Episode 11: Doubt: Someone he has just met questions Ryan’s friendship with Wilfred.

Episode 12: Sacrifice: Wilfred asks Ryan to give up his happiness for something bigger.

Episode 13: Identity: Ryan ignores Wilfred’s advice and something bad happens.

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