Home on the Range – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Filled with celebrity voices, tons of laughs and music by k.d. Lang, Bonnie Raitt and Tim McGraw, Home on the Range is a Disney animated musical comedy for the whole family.

At the Patch of Heaven Ranch all the farm animals live together happily with the ranch owner Pearl. But there is trouble at the ranch when Pearl has to come up with $750 to pay the bank or the ranch will be put up for auction and all the animals will be sold with the ranch. It’s up to the 3 cows, Maggie (Roseanne Barr), the tough, brassy wisecracking one, Grace (Jennifer Tilly) the down to earth, peace loving one and Mrs. Caloway (Judi Dench) their leader, the wise and sensible one to find a way to raise the money and to save the ranch.

They come up with a plan to catch Alameda Slim, (Randy Quaid) a ruthless cattle rustler, and cash in on the reward money which happens to be $750. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones after Slim. Rico, a bounty hunter who always catches his man is also after Slim and the reward money, along with Rico is his karate kicking horse Buck (Cuba Gooding Jr.) who has to prove himself and his tenacity to Rico and the cows.

Time is running out for the cows. The three cows have to devise a plan that will ensure that they beat Rico at catching Slim. Now is the time for them to put their differences aside and pull together to get the job done.

The adventure turns the three persevering cows into friends and partners. Other amusing characters include Steve Buscemi as the cattle broker Wesley and a bevy are adorable farm animals, and that’s no bull.

Special Features:
-Animated Short “A Dairy Tale: The Three Little Pigs”, Deleted Scenes with filmmaker intros, Games & Activities: Yodel Memory Game, Yodel Maker DVD-ROM, The Joke Corral (Deleted Jokes), Music Video: “Anytime You Need a Friend” performed by the Beu Sisters, Featurette: “Trailblazers: The Making of Home on the Range”, “Yodelmentary” – Wacky funumentary that toplines the history of the Yodel and ends with a Yodel-off from kids and adults around the world

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