Rumer – Boys Don’t Cry

Her sophomore album and second studio album release in this calendar year is one that features four extra tracks. This young lady obviously has a lot of music in her that she needs to get out. Maybe the quantity can be partially explained by the fact that this is a cover album. Partially, I say because even cover albums, if done well, take effort and creativity. You don’t want it to be just karaoke versions of the originals; you want to bring something of yourself to the songs of other artists. These songs are particularly tricky as they are from the 70s and lesser known songs to today’s average music fan. They are songs by Bob Marley, Isaac Hayes, Todd Rundgren, and Leon Russell. Just her choices of artists to cover demonstrate that this is a lady who knows her stuff. She is not a superficial music fan. Each song is well done and lovelingly handled. At several points during the album her silky voice eerily sounds like the great Karen Carpenter. The songs are mostly of the dark or heavy variety so you won’t connect with them instantly. It will take a few listens of the entire album for you to “get” what she is trying. Demonstrates that she is an artist interested in the music rather than commercial success. Mature for her age.

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