Agatha Christie is one of the most popular mystery writers of all time.  She wrote cerebral mysteries that involved one of her two detectives – Miss Marple and Inspector Poirot. Poirot is a Belgian detective who uses the power of his unparalleled brain to solve the mysteries he comes across. In this British made PBS television series Poirot (played by David Suchet) is helped in the solving of the mysteries by Chief Inspector Japp (played by Philip Jackson), Miss Lemon (played by Pauline Moran) and Captain Hastings (played by Hugh Fraser).  The mysteries as written by Agatha Christie are wonderful and even further elevated by the great acting of the iconic charter of Poirot by David Suchet.

Episode 1: The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb: There has always been rumours of a pharaoh’s curse. More are inclined to believe it when members of an Anglo-American museum expedition start turning up dead.

Episode 2: The Underdog: Poirot is invited to the home of the rich but despised Reuben Astwell (played by Denis Lill), a CEO of a chemical company. The fun begins when he is murdered.

Episode 3: The Yellow Iris: Two years previously the great Hercule Poirot found himself not able to solve a mystery. Now he is given a second go at it.

Episode 4: The Case of the Missing Will: A man with a terminal illness asks Poirot to be the executor of his new will but he is killed before he can write it.

Episode 5: The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman: Poirot and Captain Hastings investigate the murder of Count Foscatini (played by Sidney Kean).

Episode 6: The Chocolate Box: While accompanying Inspector Japp on a trip where he is to get an award, Poirot passes the time telling him the tale of a crime he worked on a young 20-year-old involving the murder of a politician.

Episode 7: Dead Man’s Mirror: While at the house of the not popular Gervais Chevenix (played by Iain Cuthbertson), Poirot’s is pulled into a case when Chevenix’s wife’s (played by Emma Fielding) prediction that someone is going to die comes true.

Episode 8: Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan: Per doctor’s orders Poirot is spending time by the sea in Brighton relaxing. His relaxing does not last long as a jewel theft occurs.