Rush – Clockwork Angels

You might now be sighing and rolling your eyes at the thought of another concept album. All I have to say is to stop being a doubting Thomas and if you are going to trust any band doing a concept album then it should be Rush. Rush is a band who have never tried to make music that will be played on radio. They have not succumbed to the pressures of being commercially successful and as a result they have achieved success. Because they focus on the music radio stations began playing long Rush songs. Fans ate it up.
Rush is one of Canada’s most iconic bands ever.  The rock trio has brought it for almost 40 years and they continue to be one of the most creative musical outfits out there.  Their latest album containing 12 tracks tells the story of a young man on a quest who is trying to live out his hopes and dreams. The story and songs will really tap into your imagination and get it racing as it brings you through a world of carnivals, lost cities, pirates, and the Watchmaker. Though a fantasy type concept album is not a new idea the music on the album sounds fresh as anything out there. One moment you will be rocking out with them and then the next you will be pondering the ideas they have forwarded. Rock music that feeds both mind and body…what else can be said?

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