Untamed Americas – Blu-ray Edition

National Geographic does not only turn out an excellent magazine, it also produces some fantastic mini series.  This four part mini series that focuses on wildlife in the Americas will have you riveted. The high definition cinematography is so crystal clear you will at times feel like the animals are right in front of you.  It is four hours that will teach you all about the animals that inhabit the areas right around us.

Narrated by actor Josh Brolin, Untamed Americas does not only feature the creatures like the brown bear, rams or elk that we are all familiar with but it also captures on film some of those that we have rarely had a chance to see like the squid and desert penguins. We see those unfamiliar animals in their habitats and witness their incredible behaviours involving life, death and the struggle to survive. As we all know the Americas can be a harsh place to live in and we have the comforts of houses, cars and grocery stores to help us through.

Trying to survive on the coasts, forests, deserts, and mountains of the Americas is a multitude of species. We learn about grizzly bears living in Yellowstone Park, the battles to the death of Bighorn Sheep, see Puma cubs hunting solo for the first time, witness the cannibalistic Giant Humboldt squid eat their own, and elk calves fight for survival in the Rockies. All segments are informative and stunning.

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