Incredibly this was an Internet series originally. It became so popular that the powers that be decided to bring it to television. Plenty of CGI and green screen shots, if you are into that kind of thing.

The science fiction series is centered around the character of Dr. Helen Magnus (played by Amanda Tapping).  Magnus works at a global organization called Sanctuary that provides shelter for supernatural creatures, also called Abnormals. She travels around the world to get them and bring them back to safety. Magnus and her team, courtesy of a serum she has injected them with, also possess some supernatural powers. For instance, Magnus’ is longevity as she is presently 158-years-old and looks great.

The shows are an hour long and this was their fourth season on the Sci Fi Network. The series has been kind of up and down quality wise throughout its run.

Episode 1: Tempus: Magnus, not wanting to alter history, uses a time portal developed by Adam Worth (played by Ian Tracey) to chase him back to London in the year 1898.

Episode 2: Uprising: Abnormals or the supernatural creatures keep coming out of Hollow Earth.

Episode 3: Untouchable: A U.N. inspector threatens to cut the funding to Team Sanctuary, which would lead to them shutting down.

Episode 4: Monsoon: Magnus travels to a far away African island in order to meet the Team’s mysterious financial advisor.

Episode 5: Resistance: While on their latest adventure Magnus and Henry (played by Ryan Robbins) run into an old friend who they are not sure they can trust.

Episode 6: Homecoming: While Magnus has her hands full with flying creatures, Will (played by Robin Dunne) goes off on his own and ends up temporarily blind.

Episode 7: Icebreaker: A shipwrecked crew of an icebreaker on the Bering Sea murder some Abnormals and now begin in on one another.

Episode 8: Fugue: The Team has to deal with an unidentified Abnormal which has attacked Abby (played by Pascale Hutton).

Episode 9: Chimera: Magnus, who believed Worth was gone forever, now finds herself along with Tesla (played by Jonathon Young) attacked by an avatar of him trying to get back into the real world.

Episode 10: Acolyte: Kate (played by Agam Darshi) is back from Hollow Earth with news that a Team Sanctuary member might by helping insurgents with an above ground attack.

Episode 11: The Depths: While trying to get to an Abnormal first, Magnus and Will are hurt, captured and trapped by a cave-in in Bolivia.

Episode 12: Sanctuary For None, Part 1: Magnus is asked to help negotiate peace between a Hollow Earth insurgent leader and the government of the World.

Episode 13: Sanctuary For None, Part 2: Magnus and Caleb (played by Gil Bellows) are caught by friendly fire when she does something that no one could have predicted.

Special Features: A Day in the Life of Amanda Tapping, Gag Reel, Deleted Scenes, Behind the Scenes of Fugue, Behind the Scenes of Tempus