Maroon 5 – Overexposed

When Maroon 5 started out they were an alternative rock band. Nothing could be further from that for them now. The band from California has gone totally pop. You could tell that from the first single from this album, the Christina Aguilera aided “Moves Like Jagger” (actually a bonus track on the album). The second release was “Payphone” and featured Wiz Khalifa and now they have released “One More Night“. Those singles  continued their assault on the pop charts. Some long time fans might be a little upset over the band’s change of direction with Overexposed as they are no longer a rock band rather a purely pop outfit. For those who are not offended by that the album might be a breath of fresh air for those who never were Maroon 5 fans. Using well known producers like Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder of OneDirection, Maroon 5 are obviously looking to be all over your pop radio station’s play list and the Billboard Top 40 chart. Overall the album is filled with a number of tracks that you can envision tricked out for the dance clubs. One thing we do learn from the album is that Maroon 5 should stay away from piano ballads as the track “Sad” is definitely one of the weakest.

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