The Flaming Lips – The Flaming Lips & Heady Fwends

There is never a dull moment with The Flaming Lips. Even when they decide to do a kind of duet album it is not your typical fare. Now, The Flaming Lips have been known far and wide for their experimental sound and visually vivid live shows. They don’t seem like the type of band that would decide to record a duet with the likes of Ke$ha or Erykah Badu or Yoko One. But that is what makes them so great and never boring is that they are exactly the type of band that would record songs with these other divergent artists. This CD is made up of thirteen such collaborations. Admittedly some of the pairings work while others don’t. Many of the songs sound like they were just selected off the cuff and recorded quickly. Now, I don’t mean just thrown together rather they were recorded in a manner that tried to get an organic and almost jam session feeling to them. It is not an album that is going to work its way into your heart or brain immediately. You are going to have to listen to it many times to truly get a fair reading of it. Whatever you end up thinking what is clear is that this is one audacious band that will try anyting at least once. The one thing that left me really scratching my head was the song entitled “Helping the Retarded to Know God”. I think that’s an unfortunate choice of title, don’t you?

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