A Japanese television series that is based on a manga/light novel about girls with seemingly limitless magical abilities. They have been trained by the Japanese military to do battle against the Neuroi, an evil force that have been overtaking and claiming territories throughout the ages.  It is now 1939 and the Neuroi have released a virus that has been killing humans. The girls fight in Striker Units that allow them to exploit their abilities to fly and use their magic.

Episode 1: Magical Girl: A young girl named Yoshika, a girl with talents in healing magic, is asked by Mio Sakamoto to become part of the aerial force trained to fight the Neuroi.

Episode 2: That Which I Can Do: The reinforcements won’t be coming for a while so Mio and the Strike Witches must wage battle against the Neuroi ship alone.

Episode 3: You’re Not Alone: Yoshika gets to meet the members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing.

Episode 4: Thanks: Ace fighter Gertrude Barkhorn is cold towards Yoshika due to her resemblance to her injured younger sister.

Episode 5: Fast, Big, Soft: Charlotte “Shirley” Yaeger is putting her Striker Unit through practice runs with the hope of breaking the sound barrier with them.

Episode 6: We’re the Same: Yoshika is put on night patrol with Sanya Litvyak and Eila Juutilainen when a new Neuroi is seen in the clouds.

Episode 7: Nice and Breezy: Erica Hartmann, under pressure because it is the day of her commendation, steals Lucchini’s underwear when she cannot find her own.

Episode 8: I Won’t Forget You: The Akagi comes for a visit and takes the time to thank Yoshika for her service during the Neuroi attack.

Episode 9: What I Want to Protect: Minna is worried about Mio’s condition so she advises her not to go into battles, but to no avail.

Episode 10: I Want You to Believe: Yoshika, despite the fact that it is very taxing and she has passed out once already, continues trying to heal Mio.

Episode 11: Into the Sky…: General Trevor Maloney leads the military in their order to disband the Strike Witches by force, if necessary.

Episode 12: Strike Witches: Yoshika goes into a battle with the Warlock.

Special Features: Textless Opening Song, Textless Closing Song, Trailers for Other FUNimation Entertainment Releases