Eric Brooks is better known to comic book and film fans as Blade. Blade is a human/vampire hybrid. Blade has all the abilities of a vampire with none of the weaknesses. The only one of his kind. As a vampire named Deacon Frost killed his mother while she was pregnant with Eric, Blade is looking for revenge. He has become a vampire hunter vowing to wipe the creatures from the Earth, especially Frost. His search for Frost leads him all over Asia and while on the hunt he realizes that Frost wants to rule the entire human population.

Episode 1: His Name is Blade: Blade hunts vampires with his silver blade while always on the lookout for the one that killed his mother.

Episode 2: A Night For the Living, A Mourning for the Dead!: Once Blade shows police detective Sakomizu that Existence has worked its way into the police department they work together to save some women who have disappeared.

Episode 3: Dead on Arrival: Makoto meets Noah Van Helsing, a man from a long line of vampire hunters. He has “captured” both her and Blade and together they are all on a ship going to the Philippines. On the voyage Noah tells Makoto how he and Blade met.

Episode 4: That Was Then, This is Now: Blade tells Makoto the tale of him figuring he was half human, half vampire. They look for Noah, who has been captured by vampires.

Episode 5: The Island of Fire: Makoto is now working with Blade to locate Deacon Frost. They travel to the island of Siquidor where Noah has heard Frost is.

Episode 6: Bad Blood: A messenger of the Council comes to Blade and Makoto to tell them where Frost is. He is on an island mining silver.

Episode 7: Claws and Blades: The search for Frost leads Makoto and Blade to Magripoor, a dangerous place with no police or law. There they meet Logan, a guy from Blade’s past.

Episode 8: Old Wounds, Fresh Blood: After Makoto is injured by the ninjas chasing them, Blade and her decide to go their separate ways.

Episode 9: The Bond: In the jungle of Vietnam Blade battles Kikyo, a master swordsman he trained alongside.

Episode 10: Sins of the Father: Deacon Frost has captured Blade and brought him to The Factory where he divulges his plans.

Episode 11: The Last Sunset: Makoto, sensing something is wrong, races back to save Blade and places herself in grave danger.

Episode 12: The Final Glory of Deacon Frost: It is the final confrontation between Blade and Deacon Frost.

Special Features: The Marvel Anime Universe: Blade Re-Awakened, Blade: The Vampire-Slayer, Special Talk Session: Marvel Anime’s Blade and Wolverine, Previews of Attack of the Show, Resident Evil: Damnation, Starship Troopers: Invasion, 21 Jump Street, Lockout, The Raid: Redemption