Those guys over at Family Guy are smart cookies. To launch their 6th television season they did a special episode which was a farce of the Star Wars film series. Good marketing as there are not many people on this planet who are not fans of that film series. Of course they put their own twisted and hilarious slant on everything.

Not only do they poke fun at Star Wars but humankind in general. Plenty of material there. Each member of the family plays a different Star Wars character with Stewie obviously as Darth Vadar. It’s handy to know the original Star Wars story (or some of the jokes will go over your head), but not essential.

Keep your eyes peeled for funny cameos by Beverly D’Angelo, Helen Reddy, Chevy Chase, and Rush Limbaugh.

Special Features: A Conversation With George, Once In A Lifetime: The Making Of Blue Harvest, Animatic Version, Family Guy Star Wars Clip Show, Family Guy Promo