HBO brought over this UK series for North American audiences. Section 20 is an anti-terrorist organization that is, of course, top secret. The series focuses on two members of Section 20 – Brit and sergeant Michael Stonebridge (played by Philip Winchester) and Yankee Damien Scott (played by Sullivan Stapleton), who is a former Delta Force member who got into trouble and discharged from the army just as the U.S. invaded Iraq. All this equals a series that moves quickly, requires your attention due to its fast moving plots, travels the world, and features plenty of sex and violence.

Episode 1: Ex Delta Force soldier Damien Scott is paired with Brit Michael Stonebridge to work in Section 20 and they are on the hunt for a terrorist stationed in New Delhi.

Episode 2: The hotel siege in New Delhi escalates as Scott and Stonebridge find out who Mahmood is.

Episode 3: Latif (played by Jimi Mistry) is tracked to South Africa and Scott takes the place of computer hacker.

Episode 4: Scott and Stonebridge scramble to try and stop an IRA arms dealer from getting a WMD device to Latif.

Episode 5: After an English doctor is kidnapped Scott and Stonebridge have to rely on the IRA arms dealer for help.

Episode 6: Scott finds danger at a hospital while Stonebridge and Crawford (played by Iain Glen) attempt to find Clare (played by Laura Haddock).

Episode 7: The two agents have to travel from Vienna to Kosovo trying to locate a heroin dealer who has taken four people hostage.

Episode 8: The four hostages, Scott and Stonebridge are in trouble due to some double crossing by Hasani (played by Mel Raido) and KFOR troops.

Episode 9: Stonebridge and Scott are off to Chechnya in their search for a bunch of chemical weapons and Latif.

Episode 10: Time is of the essence when Scott and Stonebridge attempt to stop a suicide bomber in Budapest.

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