Manga/anime geared towards love and dating. Instead of the usual gaming stuff you’ve become used to this is about a high school boy who is obsessed with playing a video game that recreates dating and love relationships. The main character is Keima, a teenager who excels at the game and prides himself at being able to pick up any girl character. This is in contrast to his everyday life in that he is the nerdy type who is invisible to women. One day via email he receives something that he thinks is part of the game and before he knows it he is tangled up in something completely different.

Episode 1: Flower in Bloom: Kunsunoki gets mad at Keima for being weak and then is advised by Elsie to go on a date with him.

Episode 2: Problem Solved By the Fist: Kunsunoki feels quite awkward on her date with Keima and when no connection is made they decide to do the only thing they can – eat ice cream.

Episode 3: The District Chief Arrives: Elsie is excited to be reunited with her friend Haqua, who is now the Section Chief of Section 32 of the Far East Division.

Episode 4: The District Chief Regains her Honor: Keima advises Haqua to team up with Elsie but Haqua refuses believing herself to be of a higher level than her friend.

Episode 5: It Always Rains at the End of a Hard Journey: Keima is depressed after finding out that he still has over 50,000 spirits to capture according to his contract.

Episode 6: 10% Chance of Rain: Keima discovers that the previous girls still have feelings for him.

Episode 7: Singing in the Rain: Keima gets Chihiro ready to confess to Yuta but during the preparations Chihiro discovers that she has feelings for Keima.

Episode 8: First Errand: Afternoon Tea For Three: Elsie goes along with Keima to another town to find a rare first edition of the Dating game sim. Keima and Elsie clash over one detail on Elsie’s report.

Episode 9: Year 2 Class B Mr. Nagase: Jun Nagase begins teaching at the Majima Academy and is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Episode 10: School Wars: Keima decides that the best way to make Jun like him is to first make her hate him.

Episode 11: A Sun in Your Heart, Always: Jun is upset over what happens at school with the girls’ basketball team and that she is getting blamed for it.

Episode 12: Summer Wars: Playing a new dating sim game, Keima falls for a female character named Yotsuba Sugimoto.

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