This was our final farewell to the curmudgeony and emotionally stunted but brilliant Dr. Gregory House. He returns to his old stomping grounds of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after being released from prison. Used to getting his way his return comes with some adjustments on his part.  House is no longer allowed to do as he wishes when he wishes and the makeup of his new team also causes him some concern. Guy doesn’t like change.  What stays the same is every week how he and his team come up against the most baffling medical cases.

Episode 1: Twenty Vicodin: It is a year later and House (played by Hugh Laurie) is an inmate at the East New Jersey Correctional Facility where he has to work with a young doctor, Dr. Jesse Adams (played by Odette Anable).

Episode 2: Transplant: Due to an unexpected visitor House is afforded the chance to help a resident with her patient.

Episode 3: Charity Case: After making a generous donation a man collapses and House asks for Dr. Adams to help on the case.

Episode 4: Risky Business: Dr. Park (played by Charlyne Yi) is getting ready to appear before the hospital’s Disciplinary Committee.

Episode 5: The Confession: The team’s ability to treat a patient is compromised when he keeps secrets from them and then issues a public confession.

Episode 6: Parents: While searching for a bone marrow match for a teenage boy a startling discovery is made about his family.

Episode 7: Dead and Buried: A 14-year-old’s symptoms keep getting mysteriously worse and worse.

Episode 8: Perils of Paranoia: After finding an arsenal at a patient’s house the team realizes his problems are mental as well as physical.

Episode 9: Better Half: Two couples – one an older couple in which one is suffering from Alzheimer’s and the other a young chaste couple – test the skills of House’s team.

Episode 10: Runaways: A young runaway who fled from her house due to her addict mother needs adult consent for treatment.

Episode 11: Nobody’s Fault: After an incident, House and his team are investigated by Dr. Walter Cofield (played by Jeffrey Wright).

Episode 12: Chase: A young cloistered nun just about to take her vows causes Dr. Chase (played by Jesse Spencer) some distraction.

Episode 13: Man of the House: House and his green card wanting Ukranian “wife” (played by Karolina Wydra) try to convince Immigration of their love.

Episode 14: Love is Blind: House and his team work furiously to cure a blind man so he can propose to his girlfriend.

Episode 15: Blowing the Whistle: Dr. Adams rounds up the team to do an intervention with House.

Episode 16: Gut Check: House shocks Wilson and Dr. Park is thinking about changing her living situation.

Episode 17: We Need the Eggs: The team is working on the case of a man who cries blood while House is busy trying to find himself a new hooker.

Episode 18: Body and Soul: Dr. Park reveals how she sees the team working.

Episode 19: The C-Word: The team takes on the case of a 6-year-old girl whose mother is a doctor who specializes in her daughter’s disease.

Episode 20: Post Mortem: The team is desperate to find the vanished House as their patient will only consent to be treated by him.

Episode 21: Holding On: Wilson (played by Robert Sean Leonard) gets some advice from Thirteen (played by Olivia Wilde).

Episode 22: Everybody Dies: House’s patient forces him to confront his demons.

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