Think of all the law series that you have seen and then forget all about them as Jared Franklin (played by Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) are a totally different kind of animal.  They have never met a stunt that they would not pull in or outside of the courtroom as long as it would get their client off. Using unorthodox methods like making out with the defendant or getting drunk in court, you have to say one thing about these guys – they win. Their winning record and courtroom antics get them noticed by a large firm that offers both of them positions. So now Franklin and Bash are now working for the man but not changing their style in the least.  They still fight for justice for their clients no matter what the odds are against them.

Episode 1: Pilot: After winning a big case lawyers Peter Bash and Jared Franklin are offered and accept jobs at the corporate law firm headed by the equally eccentric Stanton Infeld (played by Malcolm McDowell).

Episode 2: She Came Upstairs to Kill Me: Infeld assigns Franklin and Bash to third chair a case involving Isabella Kaplowitz (played by Natalie Zea), a woman accused of killing her older husband with sex.

Episode 3: Jennifer of Troy: Peter and Jared take on the case of Jennifer Putnam (played by Jillian Bell), a plain looking woman who claims to have been fired because she was too sexy.

Episode 4: Bro-Bono: Jared and Peter’s high school classmate, Danny Dubois (played by Michael Weaver), is their latest client and he is charged with drunk driving and assault.

Episode 5: You Can’t Take It With You: A dispute over the ownership of a World Series home run ball brings a family to court.

Episode 6: Big Fish: Franklin and Bash agree to defend a terminally ill financier, Carter Lang (played by Jason Alexander), in order to repay those he has defrauded in the past.

Episode 7: Franklin vs. Bash: Franklin and Bash each defend a pole dancer who has been accused of jewelry theft by a wealthy woman, who they were giving lessons to.

Episode 8: The Bangover: Infeld’s niece Lily (played by Anabella Casanova) is arrested for drug possession and Peter and Jared, who are under 72 hour house arrest, try to keep it a secret while trying to free her.

Episode 9: Bachelor Party: Peter’s asked by the fiancé (played by James Van Der Beek) of his ex Janie (played by Claire Coffee) to defend him when he is arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

Episode 10: Go Tell It On the Mountain: Franklin and Bash are charged with clearing Infeld of the charge of murdering his best friend during a mountain climb.

Special Features: Franklin & Bash Behind the Scenes, Franklin & Bash + Friendship, Creating the Cases, Behind the Behind, Working For Franklin & Bash, Malcolm McDowell Office Tour, Man Cave Tour, Franklin & Bash Commercials, Gag Reel, Previews of Franklin & Bash, Detention, Lockout, The Raid: Redemption, Meeting Evil