Bloc Party – Four

Turbulent times make good music. We all know that. Heartbreak, sadness, love and joy are all emotions out of which great songs have sprung. Bloc Party have used turmoil to come up with a strong album. The turmoil I’m speaking of involves the band themselves. Lead singer Keke Okereke was first fired by the band and then later rehired. Then it came out that Okereke made the whole firing story up. What the?? A cause for tension you might think. Whatever the situation is with the band they still came up with an album filled with great songs. I might be reading too much into the whole situation but it seems like they are expressing their feelings through some particularly guitar heavy rock songs. Aggression is everywhere. And so is guitarist Russell Lissack. In a short period he has become one of the best British rock guitarists. This is an example of straight up rock and roll and the band does that very well. They are not going for a “clean” sound. It is quite messy, actually, but pleasantly so. Most of the songs are of the up tempo variety. No matter if they all get along or not this is their best album in many years

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