Fringe has had a weird run on television. It has always been critically acclaimed but had a hard time finding an audience.  Despite the high quality and interesting sci fi storyline there has been the threat of cancellation hanging over it almost from day one.  All this to say that if you have not watched the show so far because of a perceived lack of big numbers equaling an inferior product then you could not be more wrong if you are a fan of this type of television.  This kind of television being an interesting mix of The X-Files and CSI. The fourth season is all about the big set up for the series announced final season – the fifth.  Engaging, quirky and different from most everything else on television, Fringe is certainly worth the time investment.

Episode 1: Neither Here Nor There: A case involving a shapeshifter causes the two teams on the different worlds to work in tandem.

Episode 2: One Night in October: A serial killer begins murdering a slew of people forcing Bolivia (played by Anna Torv) to ask for the help of the team from This Side.

Episode 3: Alone in the World: Walter (played by John Noble) tries his best to deal with his hallucinations.

Episode 4: Subject 9: Walter is forced to leave the lab for the first time in years to help Olivia (played by Anna Torv) on a case.

Episode 5: Novation: The Fringe team is once again preoccupied by shapeshifters.

Episode 6: And Those We’ve Left Behind: Occurrences of time loop anomalies involve an electrical engineer and his wife along with a scientist.

Episode 7: Wallflower: While working on a case Olivia is plagued with migraines.

Episode 8: Back to Where You’ve Never Been: Olivia and Lincoln (played by Seth Gabel) are working on returning Peter (played by Joshua Jackson) home.

Episode 9: Enemy of My Enemy: The Fringe team on the Other Side have to deal with the appearance of Peter and a new foe.

Episode 10: Forced Perspective: The team tries to find a girl who can predict the future.

Episode 11: Making Angels: Astrid (played by Jasika Nicole) meets her counterpart from the Other Side for the first time.

Episode 12: Welcome to Westfield: Olivia, Peter and Walter find themselves trapped in Westfield while investigating Fringe activity.

Episode 13: A Better Human Being: Olivia tries to cope with a whole new set of memories while in the midst of working on a case involving a series of murders.

Episode 14: The End of All Things: The Observer is dying and makes a trip to visit Peter and Walter.

Episode 15: A Short Story About Love: Peter and Olivia attempt to wrap their heads around what the Observer told him about his future.

Episode 16: Nothing As It Seems: A case involving a strange mutation that Peter solved four years ago crops up again.

Episode 17: Everything In Its Right Place: Lincoln begins working with the Other Side on a case involving shapeshifters.

Episode 18: The Consultant: Walter goes to the Other Side to work on a case that involves both worlds.

Episode 19: Letters of Transit: It is the year 2036 and the Fringe team engages the Observers in a battle that might change everything.

Episode 20: Worlds Apart: Both Fringe teams work together on a case involving Cortexiphan children.

Episode 21: Brave New World, Part 1: David Robert Jones (played by Jared Harris) puts his plan in motion.

Episode 22: Brave New World, Part 2: The Fringe team has to go above and beyond the call of duty to try and save lives from the plans of Jones’ superior.

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