America’s favourite serial killer has his Dark Passenger under control and things seem to be going as well as they can for him. He is still recovering from the murder of his wife at the hands of another serial killer and figuring out how to raise his infant son alone while working at the Miami Police Department as a blood spatter expert. Dexter’s plate is certainly full though he seems to be adept at juggling many plates without any breaking.

The sixth season of the hugely popular show doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It is still jam packed with suspense, action and twists. Enough to make any adrenaline junkie happy.

Episode 1: Those Kinds of Things: Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) goes to his 20th high school reunion because he wants to get his hand on the former prom king (played by John Brotherton), who he suspects killed his wife.

Episode 2: Once Upon a Time…: Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) gets two huge proposals and doesn’t know how to feel about either.

Episode 3: Smokey and the Bandit: A serial killer from Dexter’s past seems to have come back and gives him a picture of his true self.

Episode 4: A Horse of a Different Color: There is a new tableau from the religious serial killers Professor Gellar (played by Edward James Olmos) and Travis (played by Colin Hanks) that keeps the entire Miami Police Department on edge while at the same time Dexter begins to question his idea of faith.

Episode 5: The Angel of Death: Dexter has become dependent upon his new friend, Brother Sam (played by Mos Def), while trying to uncover the Doomsday Killers.

Episode 6: Just Let Go: Debra is not handling her new job very well and it is made all that much more difficult when she discovers that Quinn (played by Desmond Harrington) slept with a witness in the Doomsday case.

Episode 7: Nebraska: Dexter takes some time off work for a road trip to Nebraska where he will confront someone from his past.

Episode 8: Sin of Omission: Debra and Captain LaGuerta (played by Lauren Velez) seem to be continuously butting heads.

Episode 9: Get Gellar: Debra discovers important things about herself during therapy and Dexter tries to stay one step ahead of the Miami Police Department in the hunt for the Doomsday Killers.

Episode 10: Ricochet Rabbit: Debra’s over the top reaction to a crime scene makes her realize that she depends too heavily on Dexter.

Episode 11: Talk to the Hand: Debra continues the investigation of the case involving a dead prostitute despite LaGuerta’s orders not to.

Episode 12: This is the Way the World Ends: A lunar eclipse brings about a deadline for Dexter and the Miami Police Department and Debra comes to a realization about Dexter.

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