Las Vegas because of the nature of it has always been a city crawling with criminals. It is therefore the perfect city for a private eye television series. There have been several crime series based in the city of sin. This one features Dan Tanna (played by Robert Ulrich) a private eye who works out of the Desert Inn Hotel & Country Club is kept busy chasing criminals, driving his Thunderbird and eyeing the pretty women. The wealthy and powerful owner of the hotel (played by Tony Curtis) keeps Dan on a retainer to keep criminals out of his casino. Obviously his hands are full.

Episode 1: Heist: In order to test Roth’s (played by Tony Curtis) security system, Dan hires some crack criminals to help him try to rob the place.

Episode 2: No Way to Treat a Victim: Bea (played by Phyllis Davis) asks Dan to investigate when a friend of hers is raped while on a date.

Episode 3: Time Bomb: Binzer (played by Bart Braverman) is in a spot when two men from his past reappear and demand the $50,000 he owes them.

Episode 4: Out of Sight: Dan’s career is hanging by a thread when he is blinded after being shot in the head while working a case.

Episode 5: Set Up: Dan and Nelson (played by Greg Morris) are out on a double date that doesn’t go too well for the Lieutenant.

Episode 6: The Killing: Dan thinks that there is more to a case he is working on than a simple robbery and shooting that leaves four dead.

Episode 7: Seek and Destroy: Deciding on defection, a Russian test pilot flying a new fighter plane turns it over to the American government.

Episode 8: Dead Ringer: After receiving a death threat written in his own hand writing, Wayne Newton is contemplating leaving the country.

Episode 9: The French Twist: An old friend of Dan’s who works as a detective in France asks for him for help when his case of a cheating wife brings him to Las Vegas.

Episode 10: Nightmare Come True: A rich man hires Dan to find his kidnapped daughter but the case becomes even more complicated when the man wants Dan to work with a psychic he has also hired.

Episode 11: Judgment Pronounced: A psychologically unstable man hires a man who is Dan’s double and gets him to kill people he holds grudges against.

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