There are a plethora of spy/cop/special agent series on television right now. One of the most popular over the past couple of season is NCIS: Los Angeles.  It is an offshoot of the hugely popular NCIS.  This one revolves around a trio of special agents and one Los Angeles police officer.  All are lead by a diminutive female former special agent and two nerdy but brilliant techies.  Some of the stories are ongoing though for the most part each episode is stand alone and as such you can easily join in the series at any time. The technology is mind blowing, the agents fearless, their leader brilliant, and each case they take on is usually a matter of national security. Fun and fast paced viewing.


Episode 1: Lange, H.: The team is on a mission to save Hetty (played by Linda Hunt), who is being held by the Comescu crime family in Romania.

Episode 2: Cyber Threat: In association with the National Security Agency, NCIS is on the case involving a cyber attack on the Department of Defense and the kindnapping of a software mogul.

Episode 3: Backstopped: Somewhere around Los Angeles a bunch of military-grade bombs are hidden and it is up to the team to find them before explosion.

Episode 4: Deadline: The Libyan resistance and the death of a news reporter are linked and it is up the team to find out what that link is.

Episode 5: Sacrifice: Sam’s (played by LL Cool J) car is stolen while the team is brought into a case involving a Mexican drug cartel.

Episode 6: Lone Wolf: The team’s latest assignment is to locate the killer of a retired Navy intelligence officer who was leading a double life.

Episode 7: Honor: The team must figure out whether a Marine who had been dishonourably discharged had committed murder or was framed for the crime.

Episode 8: Greed: NCIS travels to Mexico to work on a case involving a smuggler who had Navy ID on him and was murdered on the Mexican side of the border.

Episode 9: Betrayal: Sam is missing so Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) flies to the Sudan to try and find him.

Episode 10: The Debt: Deeks (played by Eric Christian Olsen) shoots an unarmed man by mistake and is suspended by the LAPD meaning that he can no longer work with NCIS.

Episode 11: Higher Power: It is right around Christmas time and the team is charged with finding a stolen weapon that could shut down all of Los Angeles’ electronic systems.

Episode 12: The Watchers: The new NCIS Assistant Director (played by Miguel Ferrer) rubs the team the wrong way.

Episode 13: Exit Strategy: Jada Khaled is in the United States under protective custody before she is to testify against her brother and her transport is attacked.

Episode 14: Partners: Sam and Callen try to uncover whether one or both of the government couriers are working for a drug cartel after the diplomatic security service van is hijacked.

Episode 15: Crimeleon: Teaming up with an Interpol Agent, the NCIS team is after a French-Moroccan arms gang leader who they beleive committed a murder.

Episode 16: Blye, K.: Kensi (played by Daniela Ruah) is named as the prime suspect by Director Granger in the murder of a former colleague of her father, who was a sniper.

Episode 17: Blye, K., Part Two: Kensi is off the grid tracking down her father’s killer and also whoever tried to kill her.

Episode 18: The Dragon and the Fairy: A man is shot outside the Vietnamese consulate and it is up to the team to figure out a terrorist plot.

Episode 19: Vengeance: Ex-Navy Seal Sam is conficted when he has to question a Navy Seals troop to uncover their involvement in the death of a Navy intelligence officer.

Episode 20: Patriot Acts: Callen and his team try to figure out how they missed a terrorist plot in Los Angeles.

Episode 21: Pa Make Loa (Touch of Death): Sam and Callen travel to Hawaii when Hawaii Five-0 agents inform them that the Comescu family is there and are involved in at least one murder.

Episode 22: Touch of Death: Hawaii Five-0’s Kelly (played by Daniel Dae Kim) and Williams (played by Scott Caan) travel to Los Angeles to continue working on the smallpox virus case.

Episode 23: Neighborhood Watch: Deeks and Kensi go undercover as a married couple who are housesitting with the aim of uncovering a Russian sleeper agent.

Episode 24: Sans Voir, Parts 1+2: The team is working on a case involving an illegal arms deal and once they uncover who is behind it all shocks everyone.

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