covers of call me maybeThere can be no dispute that the song of 2012 is that catchy pop tune by before unknown Carly Rae Jepsen. “Call Me Maybe”has been on the charts for months and you cannot go an hour without hearing the infectious song on the radio.”Once you hear it you cannot get it out of your head nor can you resist singing along to it. The song has become so huge that even other musicians are not impervious to its charms. As far as songs that have been karaoked to or covered this one has got to be near the top of the all-time list. While some of the covers are just for fun others have been done seriously and are wonderful to their own merit.  Here is a list of the top 10 best celebrity covers of “Call Me Maybe:


1) Jimmy Fallon and The Roots: How could you not love a cover of the pop ditty that includes a kazoo, triangle and Carly Rae Jepsen herself? The cover epitomizes fun.  And demonstrates how the young Canadian does not take herself too seriously. For proof of its popularity the video of the cover has over 2 million hits on YouTube.

2) Katy Perry and her friends: Shot during the time of 2012’s Coachella music festival using a handheld camera, the pop superstar is shown to know how to have fun with her friends. What could be more fun that dancing around with singing this song? Fun by the pool that had me at inflatable monkeys. Proof of its catchiness is that the woman who has written some of the most popular pop songs over the past couple of years cannot help herself when faced by the power of “Call Me Maybe”.

3) Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale: It is the Biebs himself who we can thank for the song in the first place. He, a fellow Canadian, heard Carly Rae Jepsen’s song and signed her to his label. A shout out by this young pop superstar brought plenty of attention to the song. This cover was caught on video by Miss Gomez while the others fooled around on a plane singing along to the tune.

4) Kelly Clarkson: This is a more serious take on the song by a woman who first came to our attention by singing covers week after week on American Idol. The lady should know a fun song to sing. Miss Clarkson covered the tune over the course of her summer 2012 tour. She confessed to loving the song but being confused by it due to some of the lyrics. C’mon Kelly you should know better than to question the lyrics of a pop song.

5) Joan Rivers et al from E! Fashion Police: This is such a hot mess that you cannot help but like it. Like your feelings about the song itself it is impossible not to get caught up in it.

6) The Cast of Glee: Once a song is selected to be on this musical television show you know it’s big. It is from the latest season of Glee and is the song sung by Tina, Unique, Brittany and Blaine in a battle to see who will take over from Rachel as the lead vocalist for New Directions.

7) U.S. Olympic Swim Team: With Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps and Missy Franklin leading the way the team of athletes shows that the team that sings together wins together. They sing it on a plane, they sing it on a bus and even underwater in a pool. Hey, as a bonus you get a shirtless view of Lochte.

8) Colin Powell: While on CBS This Morning the former Secretary of State sang it during a commercial break. A rare instance where a seriously political figure lets loose.

9) Harvard Baseball Team: This is the first cover I remember seeing. It is still one of the best. Watch these athletes show their creativity and timing in the video of them lip synching to the song.

10) Barack Obama: Okay, so it is not exactly him singing it but it still is very enjoyable. 19-year-old Fadi Saleh teamed up with MTV Act to create this dub. This alone might compell young voters to vote for Obama in the next election. After watching this you can now say that you’ve seen everything.