Halloween is a time of candy, costumes, pumpkins, and fun.  This is especially true for Dora and her friends.  When it comes to Dora, Boots, etc. you can throw in parades, music and backpacks for good measure.

Episode 1: Halloween Parade: A nighttime adventure as Dora and Boots try to find a costume for Little Monster so he can take part in the Halloween Parade.

Episode 2: Boo!: It is Halloween and Dora and Boots discover that Little Monster is the only one who doesn’t need a costume, but they do have to get him home to the Monster House before midnight.

Episode 3: The Backpack Parade: Everyone is getting their backpacks ready for the Backpack Parade, however, it doesn’t seem like it is ever going to start as Backpack has to sing to give the signal to start and she cannot stop sneezing.

Episode 4: Dora. La Musico: People in town are having a Musical Parade. It is off to a bad start as Senor Shush has locked all of their instruments in a music box.  Dora and Boots need your help finding a solution to the problem.