Billy Talent – Dead Silence

When Canadian punk rock band Billy Talent released their album Billy Talent III many of their fans worried about the band. They felt like the music lacked “oomph” and they were now resorting to recording formulaic tunes. Whether or not you agreed with that their present album Dead Silence will allay all your worries.  The energy level is back up to full power on their fourth album. It starts off with some harder sounding tracks and as we get deeper into it some slower songs appear. The change of tempo is nice and the songs are well-constructed. Many of the songs are of the catchy variety that will have you singing them as you walk down the street as they’ve worked their way into your subconscious very quickly. Strongest tracks are Runnin’ Across the Tracks, Crooked Minds and Man Alive. Fear not fans and jump back onto the Billy Talent band wagon.

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