Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of rock group Queen who was appreciated during his life and career and whose fame grew even more after his death. As an entertainer there have been few who have been able to parallel his combination of magnetism and talent. As such despite the fact that he has been dead for many years the interest in him continues and his music and personality continues to influence young artists today.

Using previously unaired footage and some interviews this is a delicious little documentary for fans of the man and the musical act Queen. So even though there have been previous docu pics about the group this one seems fresh due to the new material. Unlike previous documentaries, this one deals with parts of his life previously uninvestigated. Instead of just dealing with the entertainer this one deals with the man. As a result even if you have watched all there is to watch about Freddie Mercury he remains interesting because of the mystery in the way he lived his life. The clips give a nice round picture of what the man was like onstage and off.

Don’t think there is nothing about his time with Queen or his solo career as both are dealt with.  The clips of Freddie recording songs with Rod Stewart and then Michael Jackson are especially interesting.

Even if you are not a huge fan of the man or Queen it is still an interesting documentary about a particular period in music history and one of the more influential persons from it.

Special Features: Freddie Mercury Goes Solo, Extended Interview With Montserrat Caballé, Making Barcelona: Special Edition