Deadmau5 – Album Title Goes Here

Deadmau5 is one of the best known electronic music artists today. With this in mind it is no surprise that he has tried on this latest album to distance himself from others within the genre. As opposed to the usual interwoven transitions between songs each song on Album Title Goes Here has a space before and after it. In other words, it is more like a traditional album. For me things were going along nice and typical like from what I’ve come to expect from Deadmau5. Then suddenly…whamo!…I was jolted out of my trance and left wondering what was going on. Starting with the track “Sleepless” and continuing on for the next couple of songs the entire thing changes. It is like nothing you’ve come to expect from Deadmau5. The collaborations with Imogen Heap and Cypress Hill on two of the last three tracks really miss the mark. Not because they are completely different but because they are flat. Nothing is wrong with experimentation though you have to make sure that the new mixture doesn’t blow up in your face.  I would recommend that fans of the artist shut off the album after track 10.

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