Sketch comedy featuring a SNL player and a musician. Interesting trio of entertainment, I say. This is the brainchild of Fred Armesin of Saturday Night Live and Sleater-Kinney member Carrie Brownstein. Portlandia is an altered reality version of the town of Portland, Oregon. That is if Portland was stuck in the 90s and filled with politically correct people. While watching it you’ll almost feel like you are having a weird dream. Whatever you think of it you have to admit that there is nothing like it presently on television. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of guest star appearances like Jason Sudeikis and Tim Robbins.

Episode 1: Mixology: After a bartender she thinks is cute moves away Carrie decides to continue pursuing him and Fred decides to tag along to see what it going to happen.

Episode 2: One Moore Episode: Battlestar Galactica begins to rule the lives of Carrie and Fred.

Episode 3: Cool Wedding: A wedding different from all others is what two people involved desire.

Episode 4: Grover: Believing that their son Grover is gifted, a couple tries to get him into a highly competitive preschool.

Episode 5: Cops Redesign: The Mayor of Portlandia ask Carrie and Fred to help come up with a way to make the town’s police officers more popular.

Episode 6: Cat Nap: An obsessed fan kidnaps Carrie and Fred after their musical band becomes popular.

Episode 7: Motorcycle: Peter and Nance try to prove they are still cool by buying motorcycles.

Episode 8: Feminist Bookstore 10th Anniversary: Candace is upset when Toni invites a former employee that Candace hates to the bookstore’s 10th anniversary.

Episode 9: No Olympics: The Mayor wants Carrie and Fred to help him stop the Olympics from being hosted by Portlandia.

Episode 10: Brunch Village: The opening of a restaurant that specializes in brunch has the town abuzz.