Dinosaur Train: Big, Big, Big

All kids love dinosaurs! Despite the fact that they are huge and have big teeth for some reason kids are not scared. Knowing this PBS has created this animated series that uses dinosaurs to help teach kids about science. Buddy is a curious young dinosaur and to quench his thirst for knowledge his parents take him on trips on the Dinosaur Train to learn science, history and about other dinosaurs. There is also a live action portion to the series where Dr. Scott Sampson teaches the wee ones about paleontology. Knowing their audience the shows are each short and to the point so no one gets a little ansty watching.

Episode 1: Remember the Alamosaurus: Buddy and all the Pterandon kids are on the Dinosaur Train and they get to meet Allie Alamosaurus, who is a giant plant eating sauropod.

Episode 2: Heck of a Neck: Because it is so big and long the young Pterandons think Denise Diplodocus’ tail is either a snake or a bridge.

Episode 3: An Apatosaurus Adventure: Apollo Apatosaurus is a dinosaur with a long tail and neck who has a need for adventure.

Episode 4: Arnie Rides the Flatcar: A new flatbed car becomes the answer for old friend Arnie Argentinosaurus, who has become too big to ride on the normal Dinosaur Train cars.

Episode 5: Ned the Quadroped: With the aim of becoming junior conductors, Buddy, Tiny and their friend Ned the Brachiosaurus take a tour of the Dinosaur Train.

Episode 6: One Big Dinosaur: Buddy meets an entire family of one of the biggest dinosaurs there is called Argentinosauruses.

Episode 7: Dinosaur Poop: Buddy and Tiny that whether big or small all dinosaurs have to poop.

Special Features: Interactive Game, Coloring Pages, Activities, Information for Parents, Dr. Scott’s Segments

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