The Streets of San Francisco: Season 4 – Volumes 1 + 2

Every good cop partnership is usually made up of two opposites. This is the case with Lieutenant Mike Stone (played by Karl Malden) and Inspector Steve Keller (played by Michael Douglas). Lt. Stone is a grizzled homicide detective and Keller is his smart but fairly wet behind the ears partner. Stone has taken Keller under his wings and is showing him all he knows about solving murder cases. Whether they are going after prison gangs, land developers, female vigilantes or narcs gone bad they usually get their man. With these two on the case San Francisco is bound to become a safer place.

Episode 1: Poisoned Snow: After one female narcotics cop, who was having an affair with another narc, is killed during a drug raid her lover vows his revenge.

Episode 2: The Glass Dart Board: A skyscraper is terrorized by a sniper who wants revenge and $1 million.

Episode 3: No Place to Hide: At a maximum security prison a drug smuggling gang tries to get inmates wives to get drugs into the prison.

Episode 4: Men Will Die: A friend of Stone’s daughter is raped and the women at an assault center all have different ideas about how to help her.

Episode 5: School of Fear: After a teacher is accidentally killed during a schoolyard fight, a former teacher decides to teach four students a lesson.

Episode 6: Deadly Silence: Stone kills a robber during a liquor store heist and he is hit by the getaway van leaving him with some hearing problems.

Episode 7: Murder by Proxy: A crime spree in a neighborhood might have something to do with a land developer.

Episode 8: Trail of Terror: A jewelry store owner who was selling stolen jade is murdered by a bunch of soldiers who got the gems into the country.

Episode 9: Web of Lies: Stone and Keller are working on a case of a police officer who was killed during a jewelry heist.

Episode 10: Dead Air: A woman who claimed to be pregnant by radio host turns up murdered.

Episode 11: Merchants of Death: Stone and Keller have to step up their investigation of a two warring gangs when a crate of guns goes missing.

Episode 12: The Cat’s Paw: While working a case involving a cat burglar, Stone is assigned to work with a detective he has been dating.

Episode 13: Spooks for Sale: Stone and Keller are working on a case involving high-tech espionage and two rival businessmen.

Episode 14: Most Likely to Succeed: A teacher at a well-respected all-boys prep school is murdered.

Episode 15: Police Buff: A man who wants to be a cop and who owns a police scanner turns into a vigilante.

Episode 16: The Honorable Profession: A doctor who treats an officer who has been shot during a robbery turns out to be an imposter and the only witness to the crime.

Episode 17: Requiem for Murder: Stone and Keller have a case where a bishop who has been hurt won’t tell them who shot him.

Episode 18: Underground: A hitman kills a cop’s brother who is a gambler and the cop wants his revenge.

Episode 19: Judgment Day: After a bunch of judges and a public defendant are murdered by the son of a man who wants payback for the people he felt ruined his father’s career.

Episode 20: Clown of Death: Two retired circus workers and brothers are murdered forcing Stone to go undercover as a clown to uncover the truth.

Episode 21: Superstar: After his partner is killed, a New York City cop comes to town to find the man who committed the act.

Episode 22: Alien Country: An immigrant officer is murdered and the suspect is a man illegally in the country.

Episode 23: Runaway: Stone and Keller have to compete against the teen daughter of a criminal they are tracking.

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