The gang from Jersey Shore has got the heck out of Italy and are now heading back to the Seaside Heights. They need to get back to GTL (gym – tanning – laundry). It is all back to what we know and love about them – working at the t-shirt shop, getting drunk, fist pumping at Karma and, of course, plenty of drama. Bottom line is that they (and we) are happy to be back in the U.S.

Episode 1: Hurricane Situation: The gang is all back on the Jersey Shore and back working at the t-shirt shop on the boardwalk.

Episode 2: One Man Down: Vinny is really on the edge and wants to go home – leave the Shore and the gang.

Episode 3: Dropping Like Flies: Pauly tells the rest of the house that Vinny has gone home. Vinny arrives back home while the others try to carry on.

Episode 4: Free Vinny: Mike is depressed about everyone seemingly ignoring his birthday. Drama in the house.

Episode 5: Nothing But Nice: The house is back to eight. Jenni’s mad that Roger’s not answering his phone.

Episode 6: The Follow Game: Mike plots against Snooki and Deena. Jenni is in a funk about Roger.

Episode 7: Love at the Jersey Shore: Mike sabotages Deena and Snooki’s apology to Danny…or does he? Jenni takes Snooki to the doctors.

Episode 8: Sharp Objects: The gang goes crabbing and fishing off the dock.

Episode 9: The Truth Will Set You Free: The two single guys, Vinny and Pauly, try to reclaim the smush room.

Episode 10: One Meatball Stands Alone: Mike finally gets Jionni alone and drops the bomb on him. Vinny and Pauly plan a huge prank.

Episode 11: We are Family: It’s coming to the end of the summer. Vinny tries for the holy grail of hook ups.

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