Jeff Dunham is a grown man who plays with dolls. Or to be exact he is a grown man who makes a good living doing a comedy show with puppets. Filmed live in Savannah, Georgia, Jeff Dunham and his puppets, who are all dressed in full Halloween costumes, are sure to make you laugh.

On this tour he uses plenty of new material. His well-known puppets are back like Achmed, Jose, Little Jeff, Walter, Bubba J and Peanut. Plenty of laughs to be had though I did tire quickly of the ex-wife jokes that made him seem bitter and a little childish.  He is, for the most part, rather creative and funny. Even if you are not a huge fan of Halloween it does not matter for the humour is rather universal.

Special Features: Creating Crankenstein, Monstrous Mistakes, Tour of Terror, Minding the Miniatures, Frightening Photos, Monster Movie Magic