Santa Clause 2: 10th Anniversary – Blu-ray Edition

Tim Allen returns as Santa in this sequel to “The Santa Clause.” While Santa and his elves are busy o­n the North Pole preparing for Christmas, Santa is given some double bad news: His son Charlie has ended up o­n the Naughty List because of his mischievous behaviour back home. The second bit of bad news: Mrs. Clause and Santa must get married by Christmas Eve, or he will stop being Santa forever. Santa must return home and take care of these problems before Christmas.

When he returns home, the “deSantification process” begins. Santa is transforming back into Scott. Time is running out for Santa, as he tries to help Charlie with his problems and find a wife. Just in time for Christmas, both obstacles are worked out and Christmas is back o­n schedule.

The whole family will be touched and entertained by the story, and for kids who don’t appreciate the Christmas magic, they’ll love Comet the flatulating reindeer. Everyone loves a reindeer with gas!  So Merry Christmas to all, and stay off Santa’s Naughty List!

Special Features:

-7 Deleted Scenes

-Gag Reel – Bloopers From the Cast

-“True Confessions from the Legendary Characters”

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