Trey Anastasio – Traveler

Lots of Phish fans are trepidatious when a member of the band releases a solo effort. Maybe that was true in the past but with Trey Anastasio’s latest that feeling can cease. Now, by no means is this the perfect album though he certainly doesn’t embarrass himself. His talent shines through even on the weaker tracks. Part of the reason he does well is that he has recreated that band atmosphere around himself.  With members of The National and Bon Iver as well as his own band it is an album filled with plenty of talented musicians. At points if you close your eyes and just listen the music takes on the sound of a bunch of musicians jamming. There is some seemingly free flowing stuff going on. Compelling hooks couple with some nice arrangements and unique beats. The music is great (to be expected) but what stood out for me were the lyrics. Wasn’t aware that he was that good a wordsmith to be honest. The strongest tracks are the cover of Gorillaz’s “Clint Eastwood”, “Pigtail” and “Frost”.

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