Taped live at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this is the latest stand-up show from acerbic comedian Lewis Black.  In front of the capacity crowd (that is until a disgruntled couple gets up and leaves) and on a stage designed by his own father, Sam Black, Lewis Black uses his wit to take on showy politicians, crappy cell phones and sell-out celebrities. Now, you must be warned if you don’t know Lewis Black that he is not your typical stand-up comedian.  He does not really tell jokes per se.  Rather, the two time Grammy winner raves like a lunatic, stomps his feet, mocks, and growls.

It might sound weird but Lewis Black is a comedian who strives to not be funny. Now, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t.  Actually he is very funny. Just in a different way than you are used to from comedians. He says things like that Valentine’s Day should not be in February. It is the most depressing month of the year and the height of flu season. Plus it is only six weeks after Christmas. He is not afraid to take on big corporations and actually tells us the truth (for once) about them. Black believes that if you want to know what life is like on other planets then head over to the Apple store. Then he goes on a rant about iPhones.  Growling in a way that only he can, he wonders of there is an app that will turn iPhones into phones.

I don’t think that anyone looking for intelligence, insight and the courage to say what is largely the truth would not enjoy this show.


  1. Warning
  1. Wendover
  1. Valentine’s Day
  1. War on Terror
  1. Distracted/Jersey Shore
  1. Apps
  1. LSD
  1. Sushi
  1. Body Scanner

10)  iPhone

11)  Droid

12)  Old

13)  Same Arguments

14)  Facebook

15)  Farmville

16)  Third Party

Special Features:  The Walk-Out, Photo Gallery, Audience Participation, Promo Shoot Outtakes