Papagroove – Civilized Ghetto

When these guys get together it must be a jam packed stage and recording studio. There are twelve members of the Montreal Afrobeat-jazz-funk-rock outfit Papagroove. I imagine that whenever they play live it must get jam packed as well. They have a kind of energy in their music that is infective no matter what genre of music you are a fan of and as such they draw in crowds of music fans. With five horns, two guitars, percussion, drums, bass, two keyboardists, and vocals it is like a stew that the longer you cook it the tastier it gets. It seems like the longer these guys work together the better their musical stew will become. Their debut album was called We’re Not Blind. Civilized Ghetto shows a maturity and tightness that supersedes what was there before. They are so tight that this whole album seems like they are improvising and playing off each other. Exciting stuff! As soon as the music starts with the first track “Civilized Ghetto” a smile spreads across your face, then your toes start tapping, next your head starts bopping, and finally it becomes a full body reaction to what you are hearing. Go ahead and buy this album, your body (especially your ears) will thank you for it.

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