Touched By An Angel: The Sixth Season

Despite its religious slant, which could have turned people off, this was a very popular show for nine seasons.

Three angels have been put together on Earth by God to help lost souls find their way. Monica (played by Roma Downey), Tess (played by Della Reese) and Andrew (played by John Dye) work together to help people who have lost faith in God. Plenty of spiritual healing ensues.

Keep your eyes peeled for special guests like Wynona Judd, Kenny Rogers, Kathy Baker, Ann-Margaret, Kirk Douglas, Eileen Brennan, and Kathy Ireland.

Episode 1: Such Time As This: An American Senator refuses to speak out against slavery in the Sudan. Instead she focuses on getting herself re-elected.

Episode 2: The Compass: It is World War II and a small group of American soldiers is all that remains of a troop in France. Monica helps the survivors write letters to those back home in case they don’t get back.

Episode 3: The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life: Monica leads a support group for dying people. They are encouraged to think about what they want to do before they die.

Episode 4: The Letter: The son of a migrant worker has a talent for music but his father does not want him to pursue it.

Episode 5: Til Death Do Us Part: Andrew believes he has failed in his duties when a man commits suicide on his 40th birthday party.

Episode 6: The Occupant: The angels try to reinstill faith in God in a homeless man.

Episode 7: Voice of An Angel: Monica is having a hard time with her latest assignment involving a young orphan child with a beautiful voice.

Episode 8: The Whole Truth and Nothing But: The angels try to get a woman who is a publisher of a tabloid magazine to use the truth for good rather than harm.

Episode 9: Then Sings My Soul: The angels try to get a man to see that the factory that he inherited really is a good thing.

Episode 10: The Christmas Gift: A woman who returns to her poor hometown and gets into a conflict with her mother-in-law.

Episode 11: Millennium: It is just before the year 2000 the angels try to convince a woman to forget the past so she can enjoy the future.

Episode 12: With God As My Witness: A construction foreman who has recently lost his job begins to work as a limo driver. Who he takes on as a customer puts his family in danger.

Episode 13: A House Divided: A young boy who is tired of his parents arguing decides he wants to divorce them.

Episode 14: Buy Me a Bone: A couple who have been married for nineteen years seem to be lacking in the romance department. Things go from bad to worse when the wife (played by Kathy Baker) runs into an old flame.

Episode 15: Life Before Death: Monica goes to Ireland and brings back a group of Protestant and Catholic teens to the U.S. with the hope of them working together bringing some peace and understanding.

Episode 16: A Perfect Game: A woman (played by Sharon Gless) with a grudge does something awful to embarrass her former crush and ends up regretting it.

Episode 17: Here I Am: At a New York City museum the angels come to the aid of a security guard who is a Vietnam vet, an unsuccessful artist and a women with only a short time to live.

Episode 18: Bar Mitzvah: Monica tries to help a grandfather, his religious son and the grandson with a chip on his shoulder believe that faith in God will make them stronger.

Episode 19: True Confessions: Monica and Tess begins to work at a prison in order to help one inmate come to grips with the truth.

Episode 20: Quality Time: A woman who is a perfectionist insists that her family exist based on a demanding schedule and it is up to the angels to teach her that life can’t always be perfect.

Episode 21: Living the Rest of My Life: The angels try to teach an older woman and her son how to live independent of each other.

Episode 22: Stealing Hope: An auto mechanic who is also a struggling poet is fired from his job and the angels try their best to convince him to chase his dream.

Episode 23: Monica’s Bad Day: Monica is having a bad day and it is a race against time for her to change that by saving a woman’s life.

Episode 24: A Clown’s Prayer: The angels join a circus in order to help a young boy accept his father, who is a little person.

Episode 25: Mother’s Day: Monica and Tess try to help a heartbroken mother who has turned to alcohol after her son dies.

Episode 26: Pandora’s Box: The angels try to help a family in which the parents are always looking back and the kids are products of the Internet age.

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