Grateful Dead – Spring 1990, So Glad You Made It

In the spring of 1990 one of the rock music’s most beloved bands toured North America. These shows were considered some of the best that the band put on. The songs on the album are selected from five of the best shows given that March (Hamilton, Ontario, Landover, Maryland, Hartford, Connecticut, Albany, New York, and Uniondale, New York)The singing and playing on these 20 tracks are as strong as you could hope for.  They are made up of head bobbers as well as a couple of fourteen minute long trippy jams. Band members Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Brent Mydland, Bill Kruetzmann, and Mickey Hart are all at the top of their games.  Eighteen classics from the band and two covers of Rolling Stones’ songs, “The Last Time” and “It’s All Over Now”. The long jams that we know and love the band for are there as are some of the last performances by keyboardist/vocalist Brent Mydland. He died a few months after these shows. Very sad because it is on these (and other) songs that he demonstrates his ample talent and natural leadership qualities. The only downside is that the way the songs were recorded are not exactly up to today’s standards so younger folks out there might be a little disappointed.

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