dayBehavior – Follow That Car!

I was somewhat (only somewhat because you cannot expect to keep up with all the music out there) surprised to find out that dayBehavior has been around for several years now. Boasting the full package the Swedish band has great vocals courtesy of lead singer Paulinda, beautiful arrangements, well-written lyrics, and good playing. They are usually the type of band I know about but somehow they slipped under my radar. Each track on Follow That Car! Seems to have been tailor made for a different mood you might be feeling. A song for a road trip – check. A song for dancing to – check. A song that you can kick back and relax to – check. A band in which you cannot really categorize the music they play. Overall it is definitely pop music with some leanings toward beats created with synthesizers. With their electropop sensibilities, you can hear hints of Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and Saint Etienne in a lot of the music they record. What I really enjoy about the songs are the vocals of Paulinda. Her voice is rather hypnotic and unique. Of the type that I can listen to all day.

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