Right now the fairy tale is undergoing a renaissance.  There have been a few films like Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman released and on television there are series like Grimm and Once Upon a Time.  People are digging these old stories as new life has been breathed into them.  Before this all began there was a Canadian television series that quietly did the same thing.  Lost Girls goes behind the curtains of the dark side of fairy tales.  It centers around a fairy-like people called Faes, who move around on Earth amidst us humans.

Episode 1: It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World: Bo (played by Anna Silk) has been living her life on the run and killing all who she kisses. After one of her victims is left out in the open she really has to flee and while doing so she tries to figure out once and for all who she truly is.

Episode 2: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Fae: In return for her helping Will (played by Richard McMillan), Bo will receive information about her biological parents.

Episode 3: Oh Kappa, My Kappa: Bo and Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo) decide to open a private eye operation and their first case involves a missing student at a local college.

Episode 4: Faetal Attraction: Bo tries to protect a woman after a Fury with a straying husband tries to hire Bo to kill the woman.

Episode 5: Dead Lucky: Bo works to find out something for Mayer (played by Aron Tager) in return for some time with an oracle who can tell her some information about her parents.

Episode 6: Food For Thought: Bo and Lauren (played by Zoie Palmer) have to go on an undercover mission in order to get the remedy for a deadly human soup that Kenzi ate.

Episode 7: Arachnofaebia: Kenzi does something to cleanse a house only to unwittingly bring forth a Fae spider whose bite is deadly.

Episode 8: Vexed: Bo is following a trail of information about her mother when it suddenly goes cold due to an death row inmate named Lou Ann (played by Ward Marie), who claims to know nothing.

Episode 9: Fae Day: A Banshee predicts that someone at Trick’s bar will die within the next twelve hours.

Episode 10: The Mourning After: While working on a case involving a murder, Bo meets another succubus named Saskia (played by Inga Cadranel).

Episode 11: Faetal Justice: Dyson (played by Kris Holden- Reid) wakes up covered in blood and cannot remember the past eight hours.

Episode 12: (Dis)Members Only: While on a case, Dyson and Bo pose as a married couple and the pressure leads Dyson to tell Bo what he knows about her.

Episode 13: Blood Lines: Bo discovers that those she trusted have been keeping secrets from her and she finally meets her mother.

Special Features: Uncut – featuring footage not seen on SYFY, 30 minutes of extras including cast and crew interviews and some behind the scenes footage, Episodes may be watched in English subtitles for the hearing impaired