Brianna Lea Pruett – The Stars, The Moon, The Owl, The Cougar, and You

Listening to this album is like listening to a collection filled with examples of all types of American music. The number of musical styles found on it makes up a list as long as the album title. If you are a fan of jazz, folk, country, blues, or soul then you will find something to like here and if you are a fan of unique music then this will please you as well. The diversity is sometimes overwhelming but Pruett reins it all in with her minimalist approach to arranging.  The accompanying music to her passionate voice is sparse. Sometime you just get a piano and the whistling of the wind on a song like The Stranger. This sparseness is tied into the title of the album. It is not long just for the fun of it. Like the title the songs will give you a sense of the outdoors and pays homage to the wilderness. The esthetic nature of her music gives you a hint that she is truly an artist and when you investigate that she dabbles in multi-media arts as well as music. Definitely a soul looking to communicate with the world and people around her.

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