Copper: Season One – Blu-ray Edition

BBC has begun its invasion of North America.  The hugely popular UK television station has branched out to feature a BBC America for us folks on this side of the Atlantic. Its first scripted drama series looks to be a winner.  Copper is a drama about New York City in the 1860s and an Irish-American cop working in the dangerous Five Points area of the city. Kevin Corcoran (played by Tom Weston) is forceful and determined to find out where his missing wife is and who is behind the death of his daughter. He has his hands full with that and keeping a step ahead of the numerous criminals along his beat.

Episode 1: Surviving Death: Detective Kevin Corcoran is working the case of a the death of a young girl in the notorious Five Points area of New York City and he is finding it difficult due to the fact that it mirrors his own life.

Episode 2: Husbands and Fathers: A person from Corcoran’s past is rumoured to have some information about his family.

Episode 3: In the Hands of An Angry God: Racial tensions in the Five Points are at a high when an Irishman is lynched.

Episode 4: The Empty Locket: A murder of a woman in the Five Points seems to be linked somehow to the murder of Corcoran’s daughter and the disappearance of his wife.

Episode 5: La Tempete: Corcoran has to make sure some upscale guests at a party are kept safe without interfering with their evening.

Episode 6: Arsenic and Old Cake: Revenge seems to be the motive behind a double murder that Corcoran and O’Brien (played by Dylan Taylor) are working on.

Episode 7: The Hudson River School: O’Brien’s wife wants to know one way or the other whether the rumour circulating about New York City being in peril is true.

Episode 8: Better Times Are Coming: It is election day and there has been a murder in New York City.  Detective Maguire (played by Kevin Ryan) makes a decision that forces Corcoran’s hand.

Episode 9: A Day to Give Thanks: Robert Morehouse (played by Kyle Schmid) has to think quickly to keep his father out of his latest business ventures.

Episode 10: A Vast and Fiendish Plot: Corcoran decides to side with Morehouse, Eva (played by Franka Potente) and the policemen of the Sixth Precinct. They will have a big fight on their hands.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, “Making of” Documentary, Featurettes, Character Video Profiles

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